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Exhaust turbocharger


Whether in tipper lorries or Formula One racing cars: exhaust turbochargers develop extremely high temperatures – up to 800 degrees with diesel and over 1000 degrees with petrol engines. Shielding plates, blankets and integral insulation products from Thermisol reliably protect the surrounding parts against overheating.

Exhaust pipe


Efficient insulation is particularly important here in order to ensure that the heat remains within the system – this is the only way to guarantee effective after-treatment of exhaust gases and meet the respective environmental standards.

Exhaust manifold


Extreme heat encounters space constraints – here exceptional materials and creative design are called for. And the know-how of real experts. For only a solution that is easy to assemble and disassemble is a good solution.



As a solid sheet or a wafer-thin film: shielding from Thermisol can be used practically anywhere where heat protection is called for. We offer universal solutions for a whole range of sites and applications.

Thermal cladding


Our cladding solutions offer outstanding stability and secure encasement for practically any component. Their great advantage is that they are easy to assemble and disassemble – reliable protection has never been so flexible.



When the basic insulation of the manufacturer is not enough, our insulation systems are the number one choice.
They meet the highest requirements; they retain the heat within the system and guarantee effective contact
and fire protection.

Catalytic converter


Only a catalyser that operates in the optimum temperature range can guarantee efficient after-treatment of the exhaust gases. The quicker it warms up, the sooner it meets the emission standards. Alongside the safety factor, this is the main argument for not making compromises with the insulation.

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